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     Basic Information
    Name:TCM 3-Axis Compass Module
    Part Number:TCM
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     Detailed Information

    Where GPS is compromised or unavailable,  PNI's TCM tilt-compensated 3-axis compass module provides reliable, pinpoint-accurate pitch, roll and compass heading. The TCM uses advanced algorithms to counter the effects of hard and soft iron distortions in the host system, providing highly accurate heading information in most any environment and any orientation. PNI's patented geomagnetic sensors and pioneering measurement technology combine to provide all this performance under a low-power budget that extends mission duration. The TCM's unmatched performance in real-world conditions makes it ideal for applications that require consistency and accuracy in the field — dead-reckoning navigation, far-target location, AUV and ROV navigation, object tracking, range finding, seismic monitoring and more.


    • Footprint Backward-Compatible to TCM2.6, TCM3 or TCM5
    • Flexible mounting options
    • Advanced field calibration
    • RoHS compliant
    • Digital interface: RS232 (TCM XB) or CMOS-UART (TCM MB)
    • Full tilt compensation
    • High accuracy 0.3° rms

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